Nicoll Guitar

Nicoll Guitar is luthier Andy Nicoll, offering; a comprehensive guitar building course, custom hand made guitars, and other stringed instruments, as well as repairs, restorations and refinishing services.

Nicoll Guitar offers, basically, seven models in the "off the rack" line. These instruments are of predetermined sizes and shapes, with some latitude in choices of wood, binding, and bracing patterns.

 Wood choices are mahogany, sepele, Indian rosewood, maple, or koa.

Binding choices are: wood; mahogany, sepele, rosewood, maple, or  ebony: plastic; white, ivoroid, black, or tortoise.

 Bracing patterns are; "X" brace, lattice, hybrid lattice

Although I am excited to discuss any thing you are interested in having built, providing I feel it can be built tonally and structurally sound, these are the basic guitar styles I offer.

1. The Dread.

The basic dreadnaught , with all the qualities you expect from the "battle ship" of guitars, volume, big bass, crystal clear highs

2. The Triple

 The smaller "OM" body style, available with either 24.9 or 25.49 scale length.

3. OMV

Twelve frets to the body, 1 3/4" nut or made to order. Built in the tradition of the "back porch blues guitar". Great for the Blues, or finger style pickin'.


4. Arch Top

A serious jazz guitar. Add a Fishman bridge pick up for great acoustic sound , or a Bartolini mag. pick up for jazz and blues, or both, your choice.


5. Classical 

Traditional classic body design, lattice braced top of European or Engleman spruce.

6. The Jazz

This is a classical body with a cut away, and nylon strings.

 7. The Country Jumbo

 Big. bold,beautiful

The "Dread" 

The "Dread" 



Arch Top

Arch Top

Country Jumbo

Country Jumbo