Nicoll Guitar

Nicoll Guitar is luthier Andy Nicoll, offering; a comprehensive guitar building course, custom hand made guitars, and other stringed instruments, as well as repairs, restorations and refinishing services.

 Repairs, and restorations 

I have been doing repairs and restorations to all kinds of stringed instruments, both acoustic, and electric, since 1992. I am happy to give free estimates for restorations and damage repairs ( see price list for the more common repairs and maintenance jobs ). Of course, for the most reliable quotes, it is necessary to physically inspect the instrument.


 Price List for Repairs and Maintenance



It is often difficult to know when refinishing an instrument is advisable. Most experts agree that a vintage instrument is more valuable with the original finish intact. Also finish work is very labour intensive, so, it can be more expensive than is warranted by the value of the instrument. How ever, when a new finish is called for, I do my utmost to ensure an "as good as", or "better than" new result.